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ORKIN Pest Control

With over 120 years in business and millions of satisfied customers, we use the latest science and technology to help protect your home with a tailored plan suited to your needs.

Orkin Pest Control

Orkin Pest Control is a trusted leader in the pest management industry, dedicated to providing effective and environmentally responsible solutions to protect homes, businesses, and communities from unwanted pests. With a rich history dating back to [year founded], we have consistently delivered industry-leading pest control services to thousands of satisfied customers.

Our Services:

  1. Residential Pest Control:

    • Orkin Pest Control offers comprehensive residential pest control services, addressing common pests like ants, rodents, termites, cockroaches, bed bugs, and more. Our team of certified technicians employs advanced techniques and products to safeguard your home.

  2. Commercial Pest Control:

    • Businesses face unique pest challenges. We develop tailored pest management programs for commercial clients, including restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, warehouses, and more, ensuring a pest-free environment and regulatory compliance.

  3. Termite Control:

    • Termites can cause significant structural damage to properties. Orkin specializes in termite prevention, detection, and elimination, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and treatment methods.

  4. Wildlife Control:

    • Nuisance wildlife can be a threat to both property and health. Our humane wildlife control services focus on the safe removal and exclusion of wildlife, protecting your premises from unwanted visitors.

  5. Bed Bug Solutions:

    • Bed bugs are a growing concern. Orkin offers targeted bed bug treatments to eliminate infestations and prevent future outbreaks, ensuring peaceful nights of sleep.

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CHARMA Waste Management is a pioneering force in the waste management industry, dedicated to revolutionizing how we handle waste and environmental sustainability. With a rich history dating back to [year of establishment], we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in waste management solutions.

Key Services:

  • Comprehensive Waste Solutions: We offer a wide range of waste management services, including collection, transportation, recycling, and disposal. Our comprehensive solutions cover residential, commercial, and industrial waste streams.

  • Recycling Expertise: CHARMA Waste Management is a dedicated advocate for recycling. We work diligently to maximize recycling rates, reduce landfill waste, and promote a circular economy.

  • Environmental Consulting: Our team of experts provides tailored environmental consulting services to help businesses minimize their environmental impact and achieve sustainability goals.

Sokon Alarkan Facility Management

Sokon Alarkan Facility Management is a leading provider of comprehensive facility management services, dedicated to enhancing the functionality, cleanliness, and aesthetics of residential and commercial properties. With a commitment to excellence and sustainability, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our Services:

  1. Building Maintenance Services:

    • Sokon Alarkan ensures the structural integrity and safety of your buildings. Our expert team conducts routine inspections, repairs, and preventive maintenance to prolong the life of your facilities.

  2. Building Cleaning Services:

    • We maintain a spotless environment, providing thorough cleaning services for commercial and residential properties. Our skilled cleaners employ eco-friendly techniques and modern equipment to ensure hygiene and a pleasant atmosphere.

  3. Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services:

    • Our specialized team handles the upkeep of swimming pools, offering regular cleaning, water quality management, and equipment maintenance to ensure safe and enjoyable pool experiences.

  4. Garden Maintenance and Care Services:

    • Sokon Alarkan transforms outdoor spaces into lush paradises. Our horticulturists and landscapers nurture gardens, lawns, and green areas, offering services such as pruning, fertilization, and pest control.

  5. Golf Course Care and Maintenance Services:

    • Golf courses demand precision care. Our team excels in maintaining the greens, fairways, and bunkers, utilizing cutting-edge equipment and techniques for optimal playability.

  6. Landscape Design Services:

    • Enhance your property's aesthetic appeal with our professional landscape design services. We create custom landscapes, incorporating elements like hardscapes, water features, and native plantings to reflect your vision.


Madina Road, City Center – 5th floor
P.O. Box: 11311 Jeddah 23332 KSA

012 6615325

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